This Drugstore Product Has Been A Staple In My Beauty Bag for Years

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This concealer  might not be new, but OMG this drugstore product is quite possibly one of THE best concealers I have ever used. The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is the best for those who want to cancel out their pigmentation or acne scars, I personally use the dark number four concealer as it cancels out my acne scars. I would recommend you use a concealer from this brand that is one shade darker than you skin tone.

This concealer literally covers EVERYTHING – for £4.19


Repurchased Product

Hey beauty lovers today’s post is about the product that I am soo in love with.. I have been through soo many of this concealer i think this is like my fifth one…. When I am doing my makeup this is the first makeup product that I pull out and use. I just love the coverage it gives me. I would recommend that if you want to hide your spots to go one shade darker then you skin tone as it would cover those spots easily. But if you want to cover up any redness or acne marks get the one that matches to your skin colour as it covers the marks nicely. This is ideal for any occasion or on a everyday basis.

p.s. I just love the products that Maybelline has brought out for the summer.




My fav nailpolishes


Hey guys!!!  I have recently been loving the weather… Today’s blog post is about my favorite nail polishes. The nail polishes in the picture above are from primark. I have been loving how the shades match my everyday outfit.  In order for the colour of the nail polish to full show I would have to do 2-3 coats of nail polish after the first layer is fully dry.

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N07 Face Wash


No7 Face Wash is for £11

Hey guys! Today’s post is about how  this amazing product helped me to clear my skin and how my skin has been less dry during the season change. I just don’t know how to express how amazing this product is!. The person that recommended this product to me was my dermatologist, I would mostly recommend people who are suffering from acne to buy this product as it gets rid of any bacteria and dirt from your face, leaving you to feel more refreshed. This product can be use by anyone with any skin type.

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My Top Two Concealers


Maybelline instant Anti- Age Concealer, in the shade Nude for £7.99

This is my all time favourite concealer! For those who have a skin problem or acne that cause pimples and scaring to appear, this concealer would be best to buy as it covers yours scars away and hides any pimples that you don’t want anyone to see.This is for a great price that is if you are on a budget. If the skin on your face is dry in general or is affected by acne, this concealer would be best to use as it does not affect your skin at all. The concealer is light and pigmented ands gives you a flawless coverage.I use this concealer to cover my spots and my scars as well as the bags that are always under my eyes due to the lack of sleep that I get.I use this in the morning and when I need to touch up during the day.I believe that this is one of the best purchases that I have made when I go makeup shopping.

Even though I am not a professional makeup artist or have much knowledge about makeup, I would say that this concealer is the best and I would recommend this concealer to other people, this is available in Boots and Super Drug.

If you are not on a budget and don’t mind spending a little more money, I would recommend you use the bareMinerals concealer.(the picture is inserted below):


bareMinerals concealer, this is for £21.00

This concealer gives you a bit more of a flawless coverage then the Maybeline concealer, the time I feel this concealer is best to use is on night outs, occasions or for taking pictures.This concealer is creamy and more thick than the Maybelline concealer. This is available to buy at Debenhams or a bigger Boots store. I believe that this was a good purchase but the only problem is that this would affect people with dry skin especially on the T-zone or on the cheeks as this would make their makeup to look flaky. So I would recommend people who have skin problems, dry skin and acne buy the Maybelline concealer.

If you want to find out how I stopped my face to be less dry and clear, see my next post of the products I use and how this helped me.